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Chengdu reliance cleaning service co., LTD
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      Chengdu reliance cleaning service co., LTD., is the chengdu city administration for industry and commerce approved the establishment of the aerial work is set、Stone refurbished maintenance、Property cleaning apparatus of indoor and outdoor multifunctional clean environmental protection enterprises。Since the founding of the company,In order to effectively meet the cleaning and the surrounding areas、Cleaning requirements,On the basis of the district of chengdu laid outlets added nanchong branch、Deyang branch、Yibin branch、Mianyang branch, etc,Strive to provide customers with better and faster service。
In four years,The company has all kinds of large scale、Advanced cleaning equipment,To have a500People through professional training、Wuxi high quality cleaning team。This team is divided into three departments:
High clean operation department
  The company
Have a through professional training and hold aloft the type of aerial work team has50People。To undertake high-altitude exterior wall paint、External wall cleaning、Waterproof bare、Tubes for replacement、Hanging signs、Hanging lights、A new chimney、The chimney anticorrosion、The chimney to paint、The chimney demolition of high-altitude operations, such as workshop, adopt plate derusting。
Stone refurbished maintenance department
  The company
Has a group of specialized in stone renovation、Maintenance and construction of talent team altogether30People,My company after years of summary by using a series of stone renovation、Maintenance and construction of the new technology and new materials,The construction quality has greatly increased the step;To reduce the rework caused by waste,Will shrink to during the construction**Short、The cost down****。

Property cleaning department
A、Accept every hotel、Building、Office buildings、The big stores、Property management community,The size of the property clean、The forest clean、Yue Chang Baojie business。
  2、The floor clean、The floor polishing wax、All kinds of carpet、Tapestries、The sofa、Office appliance cleaning cleaning。
  3、Tank cleaning of various levels(Use of a special potion for the epidemic prevention departments )。
    Four、Central air-conditioning cleaning、Lampblack pipeline cleaning。
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