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About Us

Yixing good industry ceramics factory

Yixing city industry ceramic craft factory in suzhou、Changzhou、Shanghai、Nanjing、Changshu、Zhejiang、Hangzhou、Zhenjiang regions such as the main:Clay split tiles、Exterior wall brick、Split tiles which is good、Clay vacuum sintered brick、Clay porous bricks、Export of clay brick、Yixing exterior wall tiles、Hair brick、Brick kiln、Ceramic tile, etc,If you want to know、Suppliers、The company、High quality suppliers、The price、Which is good、Wholesale、To join us,Can contact yixing good industry ceramics factory。The company is in wuxi city government“WuxiAAALevel contracts and keep promise enterprise”,“AAAGrade credit enterprise”The consumer council awarded“Integrity unit”The title。I plant located in the beautiful scenery of the taihu lake、Township is located in a historic pottery of the yixingshi dingshuzhen,The transportation is convenient,About our from bus stop1Kilometers,Special is yixing critical areas within the territory of mountains and water,Also is the rich region of the clay mud material。Our factory is calcining kiln adopts advanced computer automatic control technology,Is the natural color of any artificial coloring can not reach,Products using yixing violet sand earthenware clay bricks,By the scientific formula、Special process,No pollution to the environment,Never fade,With strong antifreeze,Bibulous rate is low,High flexural strength,The advantages of strong acid and alkaline。Products are widely used in teahouse、The hotel、Villa、Mass、Apartment buildings、European style、The ideal decoration material such as western-style fireplace。Since put on the market,Welcome by users。“Quality、Credibility”Is the survival of our factory,To provide you with high quality ceramic products and services。Special specifications can be according to the requirements of your design and production,Make your building the icing on the cake,To join hands in creating brilliant tomorrow。

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